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Fraud and metering anomalies
New supply points

The time depends on the installation work required and the corresponding authorisations. We will inform you of the expected registration time in the letter with the technical-economic terms and conditions.

However, the reference times required to install a new connection point are as follows (in working days):

Low-voltage supplies (up to 1,000 V)

Expanding the low-voltage grid
Building a Transformer Substation
Building more than one Electrical Substation
30 days
60 days
80 days

High-voltage supplies (more than 1,000 V)

A single consumer with a nominal voltage equal to or less than 66 kV
Other supplies
80 days
According to the importance of the work that needs to be carried out

This calculation of the time does not include the time required to process authorisations, official permits or the approval of third parties, as required to perform the activities for which e-distribución is not responsible and for which their exact duration cannot be estimated.


We can rule out a problem in your installation if the outage is affecting your home and the surrounding buildings.

There are two options:

-There is a scheduled outage for grid upgrading and maintenance purposes.

-There is a problem in the grid of e-distribución. Please contact us at:

Andalusia, Extremadura, Murcia , Castilla La Mancha and Ceuta.
900 850 840
Aragón, Castilla y León, Galicia, Navarra, La Rioja and the Autonomous Community of Valencia
900 848 900
Balearic Islands
900 849 900
Canary Islands
900 855 885
800 760 706

En cuanto nos des aviso, procederemos a localizar la incidencia para conseguir restablecer el servicio lo antes posible, garantizando siempre tu seguridad.

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