Our business

We are a regulated company

Our main goal is to bring the electricity to your home or business. We are responsible for servicing the supply grid, reading your electric meter and guaranteeing the service quality.

We have now changed our name to e-distribución, but we are still your distribution company, although with a new name.

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We are firmly committed to leading the energy transition and digitalization will be an essential lever to meet the new challenges. Thus, the development of smart grids will be essential to drive the electrification of demand that will require the decarbonization of the economy, to promote the integration of renewable energy, the development of self-consumption and the advancement of electric mobility.

From e-distribución we will continue to make a clear commitment to the digitalization of the network and all its systems, processes and customer service channels, focusing on improving the quality of the electricity supply, which is allowing us to reduce supply interruptions and response times in the event of breakdowns.

Electricity is distributed in Spain by different companies, according to the region.

e-distribución supplies electricity in 24 Spanish provinces in 8 Autonomous Communities (Andalusia, Aragon, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Catalonia, Extremadura, Castile and Leon and Galicia) and in the Autonomous City of Ceuta, with a total area of 195.488 km2, thus supplying a population of more than 21 million inhabitants.


Do you know about the difference between a Distribution company and an Electric utility?

It is not easy to tell the difference between a Distribution company and an Electric utility. However, you will find it useful to learn more about them and understand which company you must contact for specific procedures.

This image explains the route energy takes from the generating companies (nuclear, thermal, combined cycle plants, solar panels, mills, etc.), through the high voltage transmission network, to the distribution network in urban areas, and finally ending up at your home.

The trading company known as “Comercializadora”  is who you contract the energy and collects the bills. It is the company that buys the electricity to the generation companies  and pays the distribution company the costs to transport it from the generation plants to the homes, companies, businesses, etc.

The utility company known as “Distribuidora”, is the company responsible for bringing electricity to our home, reading meters, repairing network breakdowns and taking care of their facilities to ensure the quality of supply.

As a consumer you are free to choose your trading company and you can change from one to another at any time. The Distribuidora company, on the other hand, can only be one and will depend on the area in which you are.

The amount charged by the Distribuidora company for maintaining the electricity network and for bringing the energy to your supply is called access toll, set by the Government and is included in the final bill we pay, as a tax. 

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Our figures


We distribute electricity over more than 317.829 km of grid and to more than 12,5 million customers. 131.813 GWh pass through our grids every year, which represents more than 44% of the total demand in Spain.

In addition to the kilometers of low, medium and high-voltage lines, our distribution grid is made up of electrical substations, transformer substations and the equipment used to meter distributed energy. For example, we have 1.331 electrical substations and 130.966 transformer substations.

In relation to the customer, as part of the remote management project., we have 12,5 million new meters; 99,6% of the total metering equipment for supplies with contracted power of up to 15 kW. In relation to hubs, we have 140.212 installed, so 99% of our Transformer Substations already have the capacity to access the electric meters installed inside the homes of users remotely and in real-time.