Electrical fraud and anomalies

Combatting fraud will increase the safety for everyone

Why should you report suspected cases of fraud?

Electricity fraud has very serious consequences.

In particular, in relation to the health of people. Learn about what e-distribución does to combat fraud and what you have to do to report a suspected case of fraud.

How should you act in the event of an alleged manipulation of the electricity supply?

The first thing you should know is that illegal manipulations carry a significant danger. They can cause electrocution and even death to those who make them but can also affect you and other neighbors for the lack of security involved in having a manipulated installation. For example, increasing the risk of a fire. Although these situations of risk constitute the most serious danger. They are not the only problem that an illegal electrical installation can suppose for you and your neighbors since the fraud that others commit supposes a substantial increase of your electrical bill, causes overloads and continuous blackouts.

You must remember that the property of the electrical installations belongs to you and the rest of the neighbors and you will be legally responsible in the event of an accident.




What can you do?

If there is a manipulation, in yours or others, electricity installations, you can contact us, anonymously, by the free telephone number 800 760 220, the e-mail anomalias@enel.comor the form on our website



Do you need to pay a bill?

From here we help you to regularize an invoice generated by a fraud file.


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We listen to you

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