Electrical safety of smart meters

In the last few years, interest and concern about the possible health risks of electromagnetic fields has grown.

The different national and international studies have confirmed that smart meters do not have any harmful effects for people

Centralisation of remote management meters and installer

Numerous national and European studies have confirmed that remote management meters do not have any harmful effects for people and they have been certified with the quality certificates and permits established in the corresponding regulations.

The field generated by electricity meters has two components: that corresponding to electrical energy (50 Hz) and that corresponding to how this energy is transmitted, for which Power Line Communications (PLC) technology is used (3 KHz-95 KHz). In both cases, very low frequencies are generated in the range of non-ionising radiation, which are 4 to 5 times lower than what most common electronic devices in any home emit, such as televisions, radios, microwave ovens or hair dryers.

In addition, electricity meter are usually installed outside homes, so distance reduces the intensity of the wave and, as a result, the exposure levels inside homes.

Infographics showing data on radiation penetration and its influence on health

The image shows the electromagnetic spectrum of different devices (from lowest to highest: computer, smart meter, radio, television, smartphone, microwave, radar) and their energy frequencies measured in hertz per second. The wavelength decreases as the frequency increases, making the radiation more penetrating. 


Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are found in nature, event though we cannot see them. These are areas in which electrical fields exist, which are created by electrical charges and the difference in their voltage, as well as magnetic fields generated by the movement of these charges. The Sun or Earth are natural sources of these types of energy waves, which are necessary for life on the planet. For example, these are used to guide and provide directions to many bird and fish species.

In addition to these natural sources, we can also find electromagnetic fields generated by man, which have increased as technology has progressed. Devices and household appliances powered by electricity or grids and electrical installations generate electromagnetic fields.

Electric fields
Magnetic fields
Origin of the difference in voltage.
Origin of electrical currents, whether they are natural or not.
The bigger the difference, the stronger the field.
The higher the current, the stronger the field.
Intensity decreases as distance increases.
Intensity decreases as distance increases.
Intensity is reduced by the effect of walls in buildings.
Intensity is not reduced by the effect of walls in buildings.