Accessibility e-distribución

Our website, now more accessible

AENOR accessibility seal

The e-distribución website has been designed and programmed in accordance with international accessibility techniques and guidelines, enabling it to be used by all types of users, including those with disabilities.


With regard to the accessibility of the website, we have prioritised the following points:


  • Clarification of the destination of links or hyperlinks: links provide details of the function or destination of the hyperlink, and whether the information will be displayed in a new window.
  • Hierarchisation of content: pages are structured with headings, organising the content and making it easier to understand.
  • Technical aids for reading data tables: data tables have heading identifiers and other technical aids for a proper interpretation of their data by screen readers.
  • On-screen scaling of site elements: the system allows the selection of font sizes to facilitate reading by scaling all site elements on the screen. 
  • Correct degradation of the site without style sheet: in the event that the user accesses the portal through a browser that does not support CSS, the structural marking allows the correct visualisation of ALL the contents.


Hierarchy of information/headings

The pages are structured with headings, organising the contents and facilitating their comprehension.


Applied technology

  • Compliance with Level A and AA (Double-A) requirements of the UNE EN 301549:2022 Standard equivalent to the A and AA (Double-A) conformity level criteria of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).
  • The presentation is based on the W3C Recommendation on Cascading Style Sheets, Level 2 (CSS3).
  • The recommended standard for the use of HTML code has been used, verifying the HTML 4.01 Transitional recommendations.


Browsers that do not support CSS

The structural markup allows the correct display of ALL content in the event that the user accesses the portal through a browser that does not support CSS.


Data tables

Data tables have header identifiers, correctly structured HTML tagging and other technical aids for proper interpretation of your data by screen readers.



Portal links incorporate a description of their function. Information is provided for downloadable file links, such as format type and size.


On-screen scaling and font size selection

The system allows the selection of font size to facilitate reading, scaling on screen ALL elements of the site.


Browser compatibility

Generally compatible with current and major older versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Edge and Safari.



On the edistribució website there are some types of content and certain areas that present difficulties for web accessibility. These are added as accessibility exceptions:

  • Non HTML contents, with the purpose of further documenting the user, as well as for example downloadable office documents, e-distribución is committed to provide these documents in accessible version to all users who make their request.

If you need help concerning the accessibility of the website, please contact us. If you encounter difficulties in accessing any content, please indicate the URL and we will analyse it.