Everything you need to know about connecting to the electrical grid and the associated paperwork in a very simple way.

Connection to the grid

Everything you need to know about connecting to the electrical grid and its procedures in a very simple way.


What can you do with your connection?

In e-distribución, we help you with everything related to the connection to the electricity grid. You will find the information necessary here, from registering a new supply point to all the steps you need to take to modify a connection and know at all times the status of your request.

New Generation Connections RD 1183/20

Access and connection applications for generation and self-consumption facilities as of 1 July 2021

Following the publication of the CNMC (May 20, 2021) Resolution , which publishes the detailed specifications for the determination of generation access capacity, we inform you that it is now possible to request access and connection for generation and self-consumption facilities.

To do so, you must take into account the following:

  • The details of the generation access capacities to the distribution network are published since 1/07/2021 at 8:00h (peninsular time) on this webpage, and the web form will then be enabled for the formalization of the openings, being accessible through the private area of our website.
  • In order to fill in the application form on our website, you must access the private area and be registered in it. If you are not yet registered, click here for more details on the registration process. 

IMPORTANT: If you are a web user representing a legal entity that needs to manage several requests, you have the option of registering web users with the role of company worker with a simple and immediate registration process as we explain in the section "How to register the workers of my company or association to manage generation requests" that you will find here. This will allow you to delegate to several users the registration of requests on behalf of your company simultaneously.

  • You can download the form containing the minimum information required for the opening management established by Royal Decree 1183/2020, of 29 December, and art. 3 of Circular 1/2021, of 20 January of the CNMC, and send it to the e-mail address conexiones.edistribucion@enel.com. (1)
  • Remember that in addition to the technical documentation required, you must provide:
    • The receipt issued by the Competent Body certifies that the financial guarantee is correctly constituted in accordance with art.23 RD 1183/20, where applicable.

    • The REE acceptability data form (former T243), for applications for more than 5MW in mainland Spain or 0.5MW in the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. You must fill in at least the mandatory data (marked with "*") on the document itself.

  • In the case of other distribution companies requesting acceptance in the e-distribución network, it is necessary to provide us with the acceptance form, having filled in at least the obligatory data (marked with "*") on the document itself.
  • You have at your disposal models of the documentation usually required, such as the generation application form, the accreditation of representation, etc. You can access the list of these to download them in the section "Would you like to download the forms to send them by e-mail? "
  • Additionally, and in accordance with the provisions of art. 5 of RD 1183/2020, in the event that the applicant is a natural person, if they prefer, they can also deliver the form and the associated documentation at the authorized Commercial Offices and Service Points, during their usual hours, leaving a record of the presentation and the date on which this took place.
  • You have at your disposal models of the documentation usually required, such as accreditations of representation, etc... You can access the list of these to download them in the section "Do you have to apply for a new supply? 
  • If you have any doubts or queries regarding processing, you can consult our guides on processing requests for self-consumption and generation on this website, or send us an e-mail to conexiones.edistribucion@enel.com

(1) E-mail size limit 35Mb, if the documentation exceeds this limit, it is requested to be split into several emails with the same Subject.


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