Dangerous situations

Some situations are associated with electrical hazards and these can lead to dangerous accidents.

An electrical hazard can cause explosions or fires with very serious consequences.

Two operators check the smoke coming out of an electrical transformation centre

The cable of a power line lying on the floor or a sparking cable, an installation on fire, a flooded transformer substation and manholes in a bad condition are possible sources of accidents, among many others. All of these situations pose a risk to persons since they can cause injury derived from electrical current, such as burns, falling over, impacts, etc.

Remember that you do not have to be directly in contact with the installation to suffer an accident. Getting too near can be dangerous enough (electric arc).

If you see a hanging cable, a broken cover on the floor or any other hazardous situation, please contact us as soon as possible using the freephone numbers.


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For further information:

If you are a professional, please download our document on electrical hazards.

Learn about our five golden rules, which we apply when our teams work on the grid.

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