Technical regulations

All network installations must comply with regulations depending on the distribution zones.

These are the Particular Technical Standards or NTPs.

All e-distribución technical standards are of high quality

While the unification process ends, for those aspects not yet covered by the regulations approved by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, all of the installations of our distribution grid must comply with a series of regulations, according to the distribution areas where they are located. These are the Specific Technical Regulations (NTPs) established by each autonomous community in which e-distribución operates.

The regulations for electrical installations not only establish the technical conditions, but also the requirements that our installations must meet to guarantee the safety of people and assets. In addition, the purpose of these technical regulations is to guarantee the correct operation of the installations and to increase their reliability and efficiency.

The Specific Technical Regulations are approved by each autonomous community and published in their respective Official Journals.

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