Our distribution grid

Electricity substation and operator with PPE cleaning a condenser

Our distribution grid brings electricity to users, connecting the transmission grids and production centers to consumption points.

e-distribución supplies electricity in 24 Spanish provinces in 8 Autonomous Communities (Andalucía, Aragón, Baleares, Canarias, Cataluña, Extremadura, Castilla y León and Galicia) and in the Autonomous City of Ceuta, supplying a population close to 21 million inhabitants.

The main components of our distribution network are the following:

  • Electrical substations

Electrical substations transform electrical energy into the voltage levels required for its distribution to consumers. For this reason, the transformer is the main unit in a substation that transforms high-voltage into medium-voltage.

They can be found close to power plants or on the outskirts of cities.

  • Transformer substations

The purpose of these substations is to transform medium-voltage into low-voltage to supply energy to the different consumption centers.

  • Distribution and transmission lines

Our Distribution grid features transmission lines, which are connected between electrical substations and consumers. These can be high, medium or low-voltage, according to the amount of energy they can transmit.

In general, high-voltage lines can exceed 30 kV and they are used for the transmission of energy over long distances.

Medium-voltage lines have a 15 kV to 30 kV transmission capacity. These are used for the transmission of energy from electrical substations to the transformer substations of the core consumption areas. They can be mounted on steel lattice towers, wood or concrete poles, or be buried underground.

Similarly, low-voltage lines are the lines bringing electricity directly to consumption points: homes, public lighting, industry, etc.

  • Metering equipment

Metering equipment records the consumption of energy at the supply point. In general, electric meters are installed out of the business or home. Smart meters transmit information through the same grid using PLC technology. This information is gathered by the hubs installed in the transformer substations. This information is received by our system via the communication systems of mobile devices.