Grid Monitoring

The grid must be upgraded, renewed and serviced at regular intervals to guarantee the proper operation of the electricity system.

e-distribución works to guarantee the service quality, continuity of supply and the safety of its installations, by carrying out the activities on infrastructures in the areas in which the company distributes energy.

 Image of a helicopter doing maintenance works on electric towers

Our electrical installation maintenance work focuses on the elements of the distribution grid: high, medium and low-voltage lines, electrical substations, transformer substations, electric meters and hubs, etc.  Our qualified staff is responsible for servicing and upgrading these elements and installations, by carefully inspecting them and ensuring all elements are in perfect working order, according to the sector regulations, and observing the strictest safety controls at all times.


e-distribución  uses cutting-edge technology, such as infrared cameras for thermographic inspections, or the LIDAR light and distance detection technology to create 3D maps and to ensure that power lines are at a safe distance from groups of trees in forests.

Drones equipped with high-resolution cameras are used with these technologies to access places that are hard to reach and take pictures of the lines and check that the infrastructure is in perfect working order, with no need to interrupt the supply. The infrared cameras mounted on helicopters are used to perform thermographic inspections and can detect elements at temperatures that are higher than normal. Therefore, these systems can be used to easily and quickly identify any anomaly or incident and automatically activate the mechanisms to solve them.  

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