Flexibility services

The new role of the Distribution System Operator

The new role of the Distribution System Operator

European Clean Energy Package regulations establish new functions for those managing distribution networks (Distribution System Operators, DSOs), encouraging them to integrate flexibility services through transparent and non-discriminatory market processes in order to manage and develop the electricity distribution network more efficiently.

Strengthening our role as a neutral provider in the energy market, e-distribution is promoting a number of demonstration projects to contribute to the development, integration and validation of future services, technologies and the flexibility of resources. Within the framework of these demonstration projects, an initiative arose to create the Flexibility Lab pilot, where tests could be made to experiment and validate the products and services that will be implemented in flexibility pilot projects, with a view to accelerating energy transition.

The market for flexibility services in distribution networks is already consolidated in the United Kingdom and other countries of the world, and it is in the regulatory development phase in Europe. Due to the absence of regulation, national regulatory bodies are promoting demonstration projects that allow the use of flexibility services to be validated under real conditions, especially aimed at resolving the difficulties associated with congestion and voltage variations in different time bands.

The Flexibility Lab pilot opens the opportunity to test resources, technology and flexibility services under conditions of absolute technological neutrality and within real or simulated environments that can be configured to accommodate different advanced test situations, as well as anticipating what will be verified under normal conditions when the demonstration projects are launched