Your new smart meter

With remote management functionality

The new smart meter is more flexible, comfortable and efficient. Find out what the Remote Management technology can offer

An installer parameters the intelligent measurement equipment after it has been installed

The new smart meter allows you to fully control your consumption of energy. Thanks to the new remote management technology, available since 2010, the  generation of smart meters represents a milestone in the culture of saving and energy efficiency.

This  meter is:

  • Smarter: Because it provides the reading of your consumption.
  • More convenient: Because it allows you to resolve incidents or carry out operations remotely.
  • Because it provides you with more information for a better monitoring of your consumption.

What is the purpose of  the Smart Mertering?

The installation of this smart meters with remote management functions is regulated by Royal Decree 1110/2007, Order ITC 3860/2007 and IET 290/2012 which established the need to replace the mechanical electricity meters with a capacity equal to or less than 15 kW for smart meters with remote management functions by 2018.

At e-distribución, we are experts in smart metering management and we have the largest number of smart meters installed in Spain. With more than 12,6 million at the end of 2023, we can say that we have already replaced more than 99% of our meters.

Infographics with data from the installation of smart meters in Spain

The number of smart meters installed in the autonomous communities where e-distribución is present: more than 5.2 million in Andalusia and Extremadura, 943,779 in Aragon, 730,605 in the Balearic Islands, more than 1.24 million in the Canary Islands, and more than 4.4 million in Catalonia, i.e. a total of almost 12.6 million smart meters.

Smarter and more efficient

If you already have a smart meter, you can access your hour curve and check your usage. Register here

Smart metering

  • A safe technology

    Smart metering is not only an innovative technology, but also a safe one. Many different studies have demonstrated that smart meters are harmless to people and they have been certified according to the corresponding regulations.

Smart technologies

  • Smart grids

    The so-called smart distribution grids open up an endless number of possibilities in relation to energy saving, increasing flexibility or reducing costs.