The new smart measuring equipment


Full control over your energy usage, providing more information and a higher reliability. These are just some of the benefits of the new smart meter offered by e-distribución.

Installer in front of a central metering station with smart metering equipment in his hand

Smart meters have many more benefits than traditional mechanical electricity meters. One of the most important is that they provide more information, so you can achieve higher savings in less time. With remote management, you can check your electricity usage almost instantaneously, which means that you can control it and learn how to use energy more efficiently. This in turn promotes a culture of sustainability. But there is more to it.


Do you want to learn about the benefits?


Accurate measurements: No more estimates. The smart meter provides a 100% accurate reading of your usage, measured by period and time. Customers with the VPSC can check the hourly price of energy on the website of Red Eléctrica de España.

Shorter processing times: Registrations, cancellations, line bypass, etc. Any change or procedure is solved remotely, improving the service speed and efficacy.

More sustainable: The new meter provides reliable and regular information on the performance of the grid, allowing us to make better decisions for the electricity system. Therefore, we can prevent overloads, reduce distribution losses, improve energy efficiency, and contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Fights against electricity fraud: These new meters help fight against electricity fraud and improve the safety of installations. The new systems help us locate possible cases of tampering, informing us when the installation that has been tampered with is at risk, with the great risks this can have to people.

Information security: We install a hub that manages all electricity meters automatically in our low-voltage Transformer Substations, using the PLC (Power Line Communications) communication protocol. This system guarantees the privacy and security of the information traveling through the grid.

Smart grids: With the new meter, we contribute to the development of smarter grids, which can integrate all actors of the electrical energy chain: generators, distributors, retailers, and consumers.