Electrical Incidents

e-distribución is constantly making an effort to offer the best service to the users of our grid.

However, even though we are permanently upgrading and performing maintenance work on the grid, the supply of electricity can be interrupted in some cases due to different causes.

Lighted bulb that shows that there is no incidence in the supply

Faults are unexpected situations - always for reasons beyond our controls - that might occur in your installation (at home, at the office, in the block of flats in which you live, etc.) or in the Distribution grid. The most common are due to:

  1. Accidents: cables broken or damaged by shovel excavators, trucks touching overhead power lines when lifting the trailers, etc.
  2. Weather-related: storms and floods, heavy snow, wind storms, etc., responsible for problems in the grid.
  3. Fire: Fire is one of the reasons for failures in the grid or may force the disconnection of grids for safety reasons.
  4. Fauna and vegetation: animals (especially, birds) or tree branches hitting against our lines or installations, tripping the automated grid protection elements that interrupt the supply.
  5. Broken elements: damaged or broken grid elements, for example, a transformer, insulation elements, etc.
  6. Supply chain incidents: Incidents in the transmission grid or power plants not associated with the Distribution grid can occur.

Is there a fault in your installation and you don't know what to do?

First, check whether the incident is associated with your supply point or with the grid.

You can call us at the following incident notification numbers if the fault has been detected in the grid of e-distribución:

Andalusia, Extremadura, Murcia and Castilla La Mancha
900 850 840
Aragón, Castile-Léon, Galicia, Navarre, La Rioja and Valencia
900 848 900
Balearic Islands
900 849 900
Canary Islands
900 855 885
800 760 706

When you call us, we will search for the incident so we can restore the service as soon as possible, guaranteeing your safety at all times.

In some cases, we can use the automatic grid management systems in our control centres to solve the incident, which is why the resolution time is much shorter. In other cases, these systems cannot be used and maintenance technicians need to travel to assess the incident and repair the fault. Incidents can take more or less time to repair, but we will always try to minimise the duration and number of affected users as much as possible.