Scheduled power cuts

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The grid must be upgraded and serviced to guarantee the proper operation of the electricity system.

On-screen system window including scheduled cuts by territory

The upgrading and maintenance work is carried out on high, medium and low-voltage lines, transformer substations, substations, etc., which, in many cases, requires the supply of electricity to be interrupted, with the purpose of guaranteeing the safety of the operators performing these tasks.

e-distribución, as the entity responsible for the grid in the areas in which it operates, schedules different power cut off to guarantee the service quality and the permanent safety of its installations and facilities.

If you are a customer affected by a scheduled cut, e-distribución will notify you 24 hours in advance (48 hours in the case of the Autonomous Community of Extremadura) before the interruption of the supply. And, if you have a contracted power of 15 kW or higher, you can sign up for the scheduled outage notification programmed by providing your CUPS code (Universal Supply Point Code) and an email to receive notifications.

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