SmartNet Project

Towards a more efficient and flexible electrical network

SmartNet explores the application of new technologies to improve the efficiency and stability of the electricity grid.

General view of an actual city completely illuminated during the night

The role of the distribution company within the electricity system operations of the future will be somewhat different from today's because the new consumers will also be energy producers. Aware of this, at e-distribución we are part of the European SmartNet consortium that explores the application of new technologies to aggregate the demand of small consumers and generators with the ultimate goal of improving the efficiency and stability of the electricity grid.

The aim is to explore the opportunities and challenges of the electricity system of the future together. The European SmartNet consortium is made up of 22 companies and institutions from 9 European countries and has a budget of 12.6 million euros.

The project aims to define the increasingly active role that the electricity distribution company will play in the electricity grid of the future. A grid that will be much more flexible and sustainable. This will be done by improving the interaction and exchange of information between them and the transmission companies. The ultimate aim will be to make life easier for the prosumers of the future, consumers and energy producers at the same time, ensuring that this bidirectional activity can be carried out in a flexible and aggregated way, always from the distribution company and thanks to the use of smart grids.

By participating in the SmarNet project, e-distribución is demonstrating its commitment to innovation, research, and development of electricity market services.

For this reason, e-distribución is leading one of the three pilot projects being carried out in Europe. With this pilot, which is being implemented in Barcelona, we aim to demonstrate that we can act as an aggregating agent for producers and consumers on a small scale, with the aim of expanding this large collaborative energy network in the future.