MONICA Project

Advanced Grid Monitoring and Control

The MONICA project can determine the actual situation of the low and medium-voltage Distribution grid in real-time.

Detailed image of an electrical substation

Incidents in the distribution grid rarely occur. When this happens, grid operators start a detection and resolution mechanism to restore the situation to normal.

The MONICA project can accurately determine the actual situation of the low and medium-voltage distribution grid in real-time, preventing and resolving problems.

What is this project all about?

As an advanced data acquisition, processing and management platform, the State Grid Estimator receives all data gathered from the sensors installed in 37 Transformer Substations and the new smart meters of around 15,000 users in real-time. In addition, it receives information about the grid topology in real-time (technical features of each low and medium-voltage section, status of transformers and of all other physical elements of the distribution grid, such as circuit breakers, switches, etc.)

This system can be used to increase the quality of service and reduce the number of incidents thanks to the preventative maintenance of the grid. In addition, it helps locate and resolve incidents, while optimizing investments, achieving a higher energy efficiency at all levels.

Among other technologies, this project is possible thanks to the deployment of the smart grids and smart meters, which have greatly increased the automation capacity of the electricity Distribution grid. All of these new technologies allow us to approach the completion of the MONICA project with success: making sure that low and medium-voltage lines and, therefore, the Transformer Substations of these networks and of all types of users, regardless of their nature, have the same monitoring and control tools than those used in the high-voltage grid.