Developing solutions for the smart cities of the future

The aim of the GrowSmarter project is to seek for innovative solutions for the Smart Cities of the future

GrowSmarter project logo

Three cities have been chosen to lead a true transformation: to become smart cities or the cities of the future. Barcelona, Cologne and Stockholm will develop a dozen smart solutions associated with technology, energy and mobility over the five-year period of the project.

As part of the Horizon 2020 European research and innovation programme, the GrowSmarter project combines different solutions that will move us close to the cities of the future.

In relation to mobility, five FASTO (Fast Together) quick charging units have been installed, which can be used to charge almost any type of electric vehicle. In addition to these five charging units, another six V2G (Vehicle to Grid) systems will not only supply energy to electric vehicles but also allow customers to use the energy stored in the vehicle so they can use it at home or in their business.

Moreover, Barcelona has five transformer substations equipped with IoT technology (Internet of Things). This technology not only improves the operations of the transformer substations and worker safety but also provides information to contribute to how the city is managed.

It also studies how Enel's assets can be used to facilitate the communications between other installations and devices, such as the electric meters of other utilities, in addition to implementing low-frequency communications (LoRa technology (Long Range)), a technology with a longer range and lower cost of maintenance.

The GrowSmarter project has been launched by 38 partners (including e-distribución) and some thirty European cities that are collaborating in this project for the cities of the future.