How to improve energy efficiency

With five large-scale demonstrations, the European project "Flexiciency" seeks to improve energy efficiency, consumption and grid stability and safety.

Image of people at the meeting for the Flexiciency project

Four major distribution operators in Italy, France, Spain and Sweden; smart metering infrastructures; electricity retailers, research organizations, software companies ... and five large-scale demonstrations seek to demonstrate that the deployment of new smart services can be accelerated in a more open market. This is the goal of the Flexiciency, in which e-distribución participates.

Flexiciency rolls out innovative services, ranging from advanced monitoring to the local control of energy and flexibility services, trying to seek for new opportunities in the energy market.

Some of the expected benefits of this project include providing new services to the end user, based on measuring consumption data, creating new business opportunities in the energy market, increasing the flexibility and safety of the distribution grid and reducing the emissions of CO2 thanks to the efficient use of energy by the customer and the optimum management of the energy flows by our grids and teams.

With a budget exceeding 19 million euros, the Flexiciency project is funded by the European Commission and it will be deployed until the first months of 2019.

The purpose of this demonstration in Spain is to validate our innovation services in Malaga. Different types of services are offered:

  1. Monitoring the consumption in different buildings of the City Council of Malaga.
  2. Smart control of devices, such as renewable generation, batteries or the electric vehicle.
  3. Flexibility services offered by the service provider, in this case, to the distribution company.
Marina Lombardi appears on the TV show on Flexiciency

The devices installed and used by the monitoring service receive the consumption information from the City Council buildings, such as the municipal library or kindergarten. This information is dumped to a platform, from which we can assess where the consumption and contracted power must be reduced. Jaime Briales, Head of the Innovation, Energy and New Technologies Service, mentions that this is a key aspect. "Without a doubt, having this information in real time is key to improving the energy efficiency of the building", he stated.

The smart device control services allow us to analyse the effect of different elements on the consumption of customers, such as smart meters, an electric vehicle charging point, etc. In addition, the flexibility services are used to improve the safety and stability of the distribution grid.