At e-distribución we work to protect the environment. And we do so throughout all stages of the life cycle of our activity.

We carry out our commitment to the environment

Vulture treated by a veterinarian

To this end, we are undertaking the following initiatives:

  1. We select materials, components and equipment that meet the environmental requirements.
  2. We design construction solutions that respect the Environment, with the priority set on minimizing the environmental impact of our activities.
  3. We conduct Environmental Impact assessments for new projects, in compliance with the applicable legislation.
  4. We work with companies that are committed to sustainability and preservation of the Environment in the development of their technical work.
  5. We guarantee the periodic monitoring and control of the environmental aspects, as well as of the potential impacts generated during the operation and maintenance of the grid.

We want to protect our Environment and Biodiversity, a project we launched in 2000 when we adopted a formal business strategy that focuses on the continuous improvement of our environmental performance.

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